"Boot-Strapping" your Business...
Finding The Funds For Your Rise License!
From: Gregg Davison
RE: Finding Money To Start Your Business. Why You Need to Do This & The Options That You Have Right Now...

So  you've gone through the start-up training videos, you're excited about changing your financial future, you want to purchase that rise licence…

But you don't have the $2,200... or even the $842 to start the lowest monthly payment plan

Welcome to your First major challenge as an entrepreneur!

If you remember, my 70 minute video that you watched recently. When I got started online I was in $70,000 of debt, with no credit, no money and no job…

Before I tell you about how I hustled my first $2,000 to launch my online business, let me take you back...

Just a few years ago I was a regular guy with a regular job (maybe just like you). I used to work hard 5 days a week, living mostly for the weekend just to pass out completely drunk on a Friday night to drown out my miserable existence!

I Used to Dread Waking up in the Morning!

Ever step out of bed in the morning and you just want the ground to swallow you whole, because you're so sick of the monotonous, meaningless grind… Doing the same old bull-shit everyday?

I know EXACTLY how you feel - That was me!

I Literally Wanted to Kill My Boss…

To make matters worse, my boss at the I.T company I used to work for was a power crazed fascist dictator who used to thrive on ordering us about like soldiers going into battle!… I mean this guy was ridiculous - he would time us coming back from a toilet break, tapping his watch with a frown upon his head (seriously)… I was given more respect as a 7-year-old in first grade!
Toasting to a $32,000 day on my beach, Cayman Islands, Caribbean
 I Had No Life. I Had No Time for Friends or Family

Like a good little soldier I marched on working longer and LONGER hours, even weekends… Chasing promotion with the dream of climbing the corporate ladder so that 'one day' I could be a General too, giving orders to my own little army with a slightly fatter pay check at the end of the month!

Crazy, but sad...

I used to tell myself, that my family and friends could wait. My career was more important and that one day I would be a successful corporate executive! - Then they would be proud of me and maybe then I would also have some time to see them

There Was Always Too Much "Month Left At The End Of The Money"

Working in London, I made a pretty good salary, however… London is one of the most expensive cities to living in the world. Apartment rent, transport and the general cost of living is crazy. For all of the perks living and working in the capital city, I was always so broke and working too many hours!

I NEVER had the time or money to enjoy myself. My bank account was always around the 20th of every month, forcing me to scrape by eating "beans on toast" until payday

 Then I Tried MLM for 4 Gruelling Years

I had bigger dreams than being stuck in an office and figured they had to be a better way, so I went to a network marketing meeting and got very excited watching some guy draw circles and squares on a whiteboard, talking about the "3 gets 3, who get 3, who get 3 plan" that was going to help me become a millionaire!

I got VERY excited...

So I soon quit my job to work my MLM business full-time, working even longer hours… Pitching to everyone - the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker!… I remember being totally embarrassed dragging my family and friends to hotel meetings!
"Just a year ago, I was trapped in the corporate rat race, now 
I'm living the dream travelling the world while my Internet business
makes me money on auto-pilot" (Chiara, from Malta)

$70,000 In Debt, and Homeless!

I learned some good lessons about leadership and team building, however MLM is for the most part a broken business model. One that left me in $70,000 of debt… To the point where I completely run out of money and got thrown out of my tiny one-bedroom apartment, then spending the night sleeping in a doorway

Forced to Go Back and Live with My Mom!

I'm blessed to have such a great family, but a 35 years old it is pretty embarrassing to have to go and live with your mom. I felt like a complete failure! I felt like I had let everyone down who had faith in me to make something of myself… So I was forced to swallow humble pie, starting my life over from my mom's tiny spare room (which was more like a storage closet)

My Lucky Break - Finding My Mentor

One day I clicked on an ad, but took me down a rabbit hole and somehow I ended up on the phone with this Internet multi millionaire from Canada called Aaron. 

He was 5 years younger than I was, had been through similar trials and tribulations starting his Internet business because he was broke and couldn't afford to feed his baby daughter!… He had gone from being a flat broke nightclub bouncer to $100,000 per month Internet millionaire within a couple of years

And he agreed to teach me his plan!

I was $70,000 in Debt, Sleeping in a Doorway!

I Made $10,000 My Very First Month Online

Following what he taught me exactly, using free marketing strategies to drive traffic (because I was broke) like YouTube, Facebook, eBay and Craigslist… I was shocked when in my very 1st month I generated over 1500 "opt-ins" resulting in exactly $10,315 profit my very 1st month online

That $10k was like a life raft!… It stop me from going bankrupt and the crazy thing was...

My Monthly Income Kept Growing

$12,000 the next month…

Then $15,000…

I remember like it was yesterday. November 2008 I flew to Dallas to rub shoulders with a bunch of Internet millionaires at this seminar. My mentor Aaron did this training on stage on how to triple your income in one month. I jumped on that plan like a hungry wolf and this is what happened…

$42,000/mo in my sixth month…
So I Moved To a Beachfront Condo In the Cayman Islands, Caribbean

My birthday is on Christmas Day!… I stepped out on 25th December, 2008 onto the pristine white sand of 7 mile Beach on Grand Cayman, feeling incredibly proud but also quite astonished because just a little over 6 months ago, I had been completely broke and homeless!… However I had applied the secret formula

Drum Roll...

The Right Mentor + A Proven System + Consistent Daily Action = Massive Success

 "Industry leaders and 7-figure earners sharing ALL of their knowledge, 
so newbies can earn six figures in their first year… 
Aspire is where you want to be!" (Fraser, from Edinburgh)

Making over $100,000 per Month Living the Dream

within less than a year from starting online, I cracked my first $100k+ month in profits...

my days used to look like this…

I would bounce out of bed, go for a swim in the 90° waters of the Caribbean Sea, then inspired by my new lifestyle, I became this unstoppable, magnificent creator and everything I touched literally turned to gold. 

I amassed a huge following of business builders who eagerly followed in my footsteps. Leading my army of "Internet warriors"… We broke every company sales record and won all the "top sales" trophies

My rag-tag team...

Stay at home moms, factory labourers, "tractor driving" farm boys… Were all duplicating my step-by-step plan and cracking their first $10,000 month online, literally WITHIN WEEKS from starting!

Paying It Forward

My mentor Aaron agreed to teach me his foolproof formula with 2 conditions…

He said...

1) You MUST do as I say, without question, even if it doesn't make sense to you at the time

2) When you have success, you must pay it forward and teach this formula to EVERY aspiring Internet entrepreneur you can find

Now It's Your Turn

I have already helped thousands of people to fire their boss, escape poverty and start living the life of their dreams through Internet marketing. Many of the people that I have coached have gone on to become $100,000 + per year earners. Some have even gone on to become multi million-dollar per year earners!

If you are deadly serious about becoming successful and you've had ENOUGH of being broke , then the ONLY question you need to ask is...

"How Can I Raise $824 to Make The First RISE Monthly Payment"?

My day starts here with a 7.00am workout on the beach!
First: Why Do You Need To License Rise vs Staying As a "Walker"

Marketing the aspire system, only having access to those $15 "Walker" commissions is certainly better than not having a business at all. However don't make the mistake of thinking that you will earn enough money to save and buy your rise licence. 

It just doesn't work that way!

With $15.00 "Walker" commissions, Even putting a lot of effort into your business - the most that you are going to make is $100-$200 per month… And it's probably take you 3 or 4 months to even reach that point

You are reading this right now because you want to find a way to make $1,000 per month and beyond… Right?

Okay, then you will need to be eligible for those $500 Rise commissions from the start

One of the biggest lessons my mentor taught me when I first got started was...

* How to raise capital
* Why it was so important
* The attitude I needed to have about this part of my business

It would have been easy to give up or postpone launching my business because I didn't have the money, however had I done that I would probably still be broke today!

I remember Aaron telling me that I should find $2,000 as if my life depended on it. He challenged me to imagine that I needed this $2,000 for a life-saving operation for one of my family...

What would I do?

Would failure be an option?

Forced to think about this funding part of my business from a completely different perspective made me understand the importance of 'hustling'

I borrowed money from 3 different people ( my mom, my girlfriend and another friend of mine)...  with absolute conviction that they would be paid back within 6 months. They were and the rest is history...

So what can YOU do?

Here are your best options right now

1. Borrow from friends and family
2. Credit or loan from financial institutions
3. Sell everything you can that is not essential for day to day survival
4. Work extra shifts at your job, or find extra work
Option #1:  borrow from friends and family

The first step is to make a list of everybody that you know from A-Z. Reach out to them via telephone, Facebook or email and say this (or along these lines)…

"Hope you are well. It's been awhile and we really should catch up in person. Can I ask you for a small favour. I have started a new business venture that I am really excited about and committed to making a success. I am learning how to make $1000-$2000 per week online from home. The training is amazing and I am working with a team of millionaire mentors, who are teaching me the ropes!

I need to license a product so I can earn $500 commissions. I need to raise $2,200 for the license!

Consider that anything you could loan me as an "investment". I'll pay you back, plus 15% of the original loan. So if you can loan me $200... I'll pay you back $230 no later than 6 months from now

Anything you can help me with, no matter how small - would be greatly appreciated... And if you can't, no worries. Let's catch up soon either way"

Very important:  All you need to find to start your business is $842 (for the first monthly payment of 3). Then you have another 30 days to hustle for the second $842. Many of the people I have coached who became six-figure earners, started their business this way!

"Within my first 5 days, I had my first 12 sales & woke up to a $900 commission. 
That's not even the best part…" (Shaun Furman)
Option #2:  Credit and finance companies

Did you know that 98% of all entrepreneurial ventures are financed by credit and finance companies ( credit cards, loans etc)… Many people wrongly believe that because they have a poor credit score that they are out of options. Here are some resources that have been very successful for many of our members…

www.Kabbage.com (For UK members)







working on your business while sourcing funding

As your coach, the best advice I can give you right now is to focus 100% of your attention on just 2 things over the next couple of weeks…

1. Sourcing funding for your new business from the options above
2. Developing your "millionaire mindset"

This personal development programme is the #1 selling program of its kind ever. My most influential mentor and success guru "Anthony Robbins" most powerful course... "Personal Power 2"

This is a $300 program, designed to radically transform your thoughts, habits and actions… And ultimately your life. You should spend 1-2 hours per day (that's right!)… Developing your "millionaire mindset"

Since leveraging the ASPIRE system, it's been a breeze… 
The coaching and training is PHENOMENAL! (Pierre, California)