Listen up: If You Want to Know How to Generate Tons of Traffic and Sales, Buckle up and Pay Attention!

If you want to generate highly qualified leads, growing audience and build a successful online business then you need a content marketing strategy

Old Way vs New Way…

Here's a very important observation: marketing and selling online has evolved a lot in the last 10 years. Around 2008-2010 making money online was a lot simpler, you simply had to follow this process:

1. Write compelling ads
2. Drive paid traffic to your capture page (or landing page)
3. Allow your sales funnel to educate, promote and sell
4. Close the sale through online video or over the phone

However now it's 2018, social media has changed the game entirely. Almost every successful business users content (videos, Facebook posts, blog posts) to do the following before bringing the customer into the sales funnel

➤ Build brand awareness
➤ Educate the consumer
➤ Promote their USP unique selling point
➤ Offer teasers including free training

The old way of marketing and selling online still works, however it's much more expensive because today's consumer typically always uses the Internet (specifically social media) to research their options before purchasing a product or joining a business opportunity

In fact marketers who shy away from creating content and just use paid traffic into sales funnel, quite often cannot get a positive ROI from their ad spend. 

I have personally witnessed hundreds of newbie entrepreneurs literally spend themselves out of the game within months because all they wanted to do was drive paid traffic into a sales funnel!

Also, consider the length that users are going to ignore and block tradition web advertising. The statistics on ad blockers are rather sobering. Over 11% of the global internet population is blocking ads on the web, and that number is growing rapidly.

Paid traffic should be an important part of your marketing strategy. I cover this in the next step, however you should use it in synergy with your content marketing strategy

Content Is the Backbone of Your Online Business...

It's the fastest and most powerful way to build authority and create engagement with your audience

The More Content You Post, The More Likely You Are To Get Found by Your Best Prospects!

Please be aware though - MORE is not always BETTER - The content you put out there must be valuable, it MUST be congruent, and it MUST be useful to your target market!

There are many ways to build your content marketing strategy, including articles, blog posts however the fastest and easiest way to generate a lot of highly qualified leads is using Facebook

In This Section, You're about to Get My 7 Figure Facebook Marketing Strategy Handed Right to You...

One that you can start running with today and get tons of leads very quickly

By the time you finish this section, you will understand exactly why video marketing is the king of content for any online strategy, especially if you're in the network marketing or affiliate marketing industry

Will dive deep into a simple formula that anyone can use to create winning videos that your avatar will want to pay attention to and most importantly take action on 

Here Is What We're Going to Cover...

➤ Why you must have a video marketing strategy

➤ The benefits and power of Facebook video marketing

➤ Getting past the fear of creating videos

➤ How to create videos like a 7 figure expert

➤ My 4 Step Video creation formula

➤ Video topics and what to talk about

➤ Facebook live video tips and strategies

➤ Action steps to get started TODAY

How Video Marketing Took Me from "Broke To Beachfront" In Just 6 Months...

Back in 2008 when I started my online business, I was in a terrible situation. I was 35 years old, in $70,000 of debt and living with my mom. I borrowed $2,000 to get started with a top tier business opportunity, yet I had no money for advertising

Fortunately, YouTube was the newest and hottest social media platform. Facebook had launched the previous year, however it was limited to text and image only posts at the time

I scratched around to get some free training and developed a video marketing strategy that literally saved my life and launched me into making $352,000 online in my very first year

This Was My 60 Day Plan...

1. Read/study personal development to get ideas for content
2. Produce a video every single day
3. Upload the video to YouTube and spread it across different social networks
4. Engage with my audience
5. Sell to that audience

I remember creating no less than 52 videos in that 60 day period (I skipped a few days!) 

I went from Zero to 1600 subscribers on my channel

I made exactly $10,615 in commissions in my first 30 days! 

I reinvested that into paid advertising and the rest is history...

What I Learned and Why It's so Powerful...

Video marketing is the ultimate form of attraction marketing. It’s the closest thing to being face-to-face with your prospect as you can get. In fact it's better than being face-to-face or trying to sell over the phone…

1. You've already done the work. It creates ultimate time leverage
2. It conveys authority and expertise (when you get right)
3. It builds a relationship with your prospects

People want to know who they are about to get into business with, who they are about to buy from, and who they are choosing as the leader/coach/mentor that will help them achieve their goals

Why You Must Have a Video Marketing Strategy in 2018...

 These Starts Are Staggering...

❍ Video is projected to pull in more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019

❍ adding video to emails can boost click through rates by 200-300%

❍ 90% of customers report that videos help them make purchasing decisions

❍ Mobile video consumption grows by 100% every year

❍ embedding videos in landing pages can increase conversion rates by 90%

❍ Videos get 400% more engagement on Facebook than text alone

Sources: Facebook (www.facebook.com), YouTube (www.youtube.com), Forbes (www.forbes.com), Inc (www.inc.com)

Building "Know, Like, Trust and RESPECT with Video...

We've all heard of "know like and trust"... Right?

The 4th component to this age old sales formula is RESPECT (meaning they see you as a leader/expert)

It's not enough that your prospects know you, like you trust you… They must also respect you as and authority, expert or a leader

Human psychology: Especially on the Internet, where people have their guards up and may be sceptical, often on the lookout for the "scammer" ready to use clever marketing tactics, then take your money and run. 

Video is the perfect way to overcome this barrier!... It builds ALOT of trust

Plus It Positions You As the Expert =  Winning Formula!

Video is The Fastest and Easiest Way to Build Trust...

Before someone trusts you, they must…

1. Get a sense of who you are
2. Have a good feeling about what you stand for and your personal philosophy
3. Feel that you have they best interests at heart

Video really helps your prospect feel as though they've gotten to know you and communicates the value that you bring into their lives. From this they begin to like you!

Especially if your videos are giving a solution to a specific problem that they having in their lives right now. Do you agree that we 10 to like the people who help us get through our challenges and problems?

70% of Online Marketers Report That Video Marketing Gets Higher Conversions Than EVERY Other Method!

Let's sum it up. If you're not using video marketing to drive your business, then you are at a major disadvantage. You're letting those who are using video marketing dominate your marketplace! 

If you're watching other people have success online and you are wondering why you're still struggling then it's because you are not leveraging video marketing and you need to fix this problem immediately


Putting yourself in front of a camera and creating videos for the world to see can be pretty daunting, for some terrifying! 

I get it

Most people avoid using video in their online marketing because of FEAR

If you're reading this, nodding your head because of that you then your allowing fear to hold back your success

So Let Me Ask a Couple of Important Questions..

1. How are you going to be a successful entrepreneur if you allow your fears to hold you back from doing new things?

2. What's the worst that can happen?

It's time to destroy those fears and start doing the ONE THING that's going to explode your success

Let's Pull Apart The Top 4 Fears When It Comes to Video...

FEAR #1:  Sounding Stupid and Not Knowing What to Say

Have you ever watched yourself on video and said "OMG, I sound so stupid?”

The sad reality is that it's only you, that thinks you sound stupid because you are entirely focused on how you sound/look in that video. 

The world and everyone you communicate with hears your voice the same way it comes out on video. Think of your video as simply having a conversation with your friends, family and the people you meet every day

For most people that I've coached, their biggest fear is not knowing what to say. Don't worry about that because in just a minute I'll show you exactly what to talk about, with topics, formulas and scripts

FEAR #2:  Fear of How You Look

Even if you're not naturally vein, our egos are very protective. Many people are scared of being on video because we don't like how we look. 

I'm sure that you don't walk out of your front door terrified to bump into people because you think that you're so unattractive… Right?

Every single day people see you the way that you appear on video. That's how you look and to a certain degree is not a lot you can do about that. You can of course always pride yourself in proper grooming and keeping fit and healthy

Being successful on video is a lot less about how you look and more about the value in your content. What really matters is that your audience is getting to know a real person that they are connecting with

Like everything else in life. You'd be astonished if you realise how little people care about how you look because they are more worried about themselves than you

I'm a huge fan of Gary Vaynerchuk, who's a prolific producer of video content. He produces 1-2 videos every single day and he doesn't give a shit about how he looks! 

He documents his life from the moment he gets out of bed until he crashes for the night. Often "Gary Vee" is…

😱 A sweaty mess, shooting videos from the gym
😱 In the back of an Uber eating a snack
😱 Wearing hoodie's and beanies
😱 Unshaven with little attention given to his hair

His mantra is that he 100% “doesn't give a fuck” about how he looks. It's all about the value that he brings to the world through his content… 

It's for this reason he has risen to stardom as an entrepreneur faster then anyone in the last few years. He has an army with millions of followers who absolutely love his "I don't give a fuck" attitude

So stop worrying about looking like a Hollywood model

Forget your imperfect skin, hair, teeth and everything else…. Go for it!

#3: Fear of What Others Think

Firstly, forget about your close friends and family. Your success (in life) and the number in your bank account doesn’t have anything to do with what they think and neither should you

Your business growth has nothing to do with them. You need to get this at a deep level. Stop giving a shit about what those people think or you’ll never be successful. Period

With video marketing, understand this important concept…

People are not really thinking about you, the thing that foremost on their minds nearly all of the time is "what's in it for me?"

All they care about is the value that you bring and whether or not your video content is helpful to the challenges and problems they are having in their business or their lives

(Let Me Give You a Perfect Example)

If you go to YouTube because the toy you bought for your son/daughter for their birthday didn't come with instructions or you can't figure out how to build it. 

Do you really care what the person in the video sounds or looks like as long as they show you how to put the toy together? Absolutely not!… 

All you care about is that video shows you how to solve your problem, so your kid can enjoy your birthday present

What you look like or sound like isn't on anybody else's mind but yours. Even if somebody is thinking about that, who cares! That's their problem not yours

Just focus on bringing value, being authentic, having credibility, being authentic and real just like you hopefully do in day-to-day life… And you will be just great!

FEAR #4:  Negative Comments and Haters

Accept the fact that you will get negative comments on your videos from time to time. Learned to embrace it because getting negative comments means that you're actually doing something right

Especially, if you are creating videos with somewhat polarising content (like I teach later on in this section)

If your videos are trite and boring, then they won't get many views or have your audience coming back for more

Be bold, be different and scream your identity to the world

Leading marketing expert Russell Brunson says (I'm paraphrasing)...

“if you're not offending somebody every day, then you're doing something wrong”


For every negative comment, you'll typically get 10-20+ positive comments. Like the sales adage "every no brings you closer to a yes”… 

If you're getting negative comments, then it's likely that you are ALSO getting tons of positive comments, which means that you are reaching more and more people

😀 Learn to laugh at stupid or negative comments. Pity the idiots that make them! (They’re Nothing but keyboard warriors)

😀 All comments boost your exposure and video views. The Facebook algorithm doesn't discriminate!

😀 I personally love it when I get negative comments, it helps my videos get more exposure in the newsfeed (cha-ching!)

Ultimately, just remember negative comments and haters are not paying your mortgage, or providing food for your family, so what they say or think doesn't really matter and you'd be very surprised how many of them will circle around and become your biggest fans



I'm going to share with you some "Video Marketing Script Formulas"  used by myself and some of my millionaire mentors..

You are an extreme advantage reading this, because 90% of people doing video marketing are using the same old boring strategies

In the Resources Section Of This Website, You'll Find More Video Scripts and Formulas, Such As…

1. Motivational, Inspirational and Thought Leadership
2. Thought Reversal & Polarising Opinion
3. Your Story
4. How to & Educational
5. Facebook Live

However, For Now...

I Would Suggest Starting With My 4-Step "Problem And Solution" Script... (It's Easy to Use!)

Step 1.  Ask a Question Hitting a Pain Point

Remember in the section where we talked about your ideal avatars pains/problems. This is where you use those answers!

For example, in the network marketing or affiliate marketing industry, then your viewer is probably having the following challenges...

➤ Marketing and generating leads
➤ Getting traffic to their website
➤ Sponsoring/recruiting new members
➤ Confusion, overwhelm and information overload
➤ Continually spending money on traffic/ads that don't convert

Recent statistics show that you have 6 seconds to get someone's attention before they decide to skip to the next post or video in the feed, so it's VERY important to hit their pain point right out of the gate. 

 Here Are Some Examples of Great Opening Questions...

❍ “Are you sick and tired of being busy, without getting results?”

❍ “Is your head spinning with information overload?”

❍ “Are you sick of getting rejected in MLM?

❍ “Are you getting deeper into debt with traffic that doesn't convert?”

 Step 2: Introduce Yourself, Then Tease with the Solution… And Tell Them to Stay Tuned

This is where you introduce yourself and show them that you have the solution to their problem, 

My name is Joe Smith and I nearly quit online marketing because I was sick and tired of rejection, then I discovered the XYZ formula and everything changed. 

Within 30 days I brought 10 new people in the my business and made $5,000 that month. Stay tuned for the next 2 minutes and I'll tell you how the XYZ formula works...

Step 3. Provide VALUE. Solve Their problem...

The key here is to provide enough value to show your prospect that there is a better way (your way), without giving away the farm. 

If you completely give away the farm, this is what happens…

🙁 There's no reason for them to take another step after the video
🙁 If the video is too long, they won't pay attention (even if your content is great)

So provide enough value by talking about your solution to that particular problem for no more than 3-4 minutes max. Talk about your experience when you discovered this magic XYZ formula and break it down into 3-5 steps, emphasising why it works

You don't have to necessary create a XYZ formula or even give your solution a name. It can be as simple as...

“Here are 5 secrets to end confusion and avoid information overload” or “Here’s my simple 4 step solution to driving super low cost traffic that converts”

This is where you give your viewer the value that will make them like you, and begin to trust you, which makes YOU an authority in your niche. 

All because you're solving a pressing problem that your viewer is struggling with, and YOU are the one that helps them connect the dots between their problem and your solution!

Step 4: Call to Action - Lead Them to the Next Step...

The secret to successful marketing is progression. Every step of this process is like a funnel. They go from being a stranger, to prospect, to lead, then customer

Your call to action in your videos should be the step where they choose to get more information about the topic that you’re covering in your videos, so for example if you gave them great value with your simple 4 step solution... 

Then your call to action should be prompting them to find out more about how they can actually implement your solution ie:

😀 Send you a private message for next steps
😀 Go to your website
😀 Register for your webinar
😀 Tune in to your Facebook Live, later that day (where you talk for approx 15 minutes going into more depth)

It's super important to always have a call to action at the end of your videos. Because once they leave your video, it's unlikely that they will come back to it. 

Your first goal is to provide value, then your second goal is to get them further down your sales funnel


NOTE:  In step 5 Of the Attraction Marketing Blueprint, I Cover Paid Traffic. My Best Performing Paid Traffic is Facebook Video Ads.  If You Are Using Paid Facebook Ads (Image or Video) Then You Could Scale down The Numbers To 1x Facebook Live and 1-2x Standard Videos each week

But if you're on a shoestring budget then... Every Week, For 13 Weeks Straight You're Going To Do the Following...

1.  Create at Least 3 Videos Per Week

If you've done the avatar exercise in step 3 of the attraction marketing blueprint, then you should be able to easily come up with at least 20 topics relating to your avatars problems. 

Even just using the simple "problem and solution" formula we just went through, this gives you tons of content.  your call to action at the end of each video can vary, but often your video should just be a 2-3 minute teaser promoting your Facebook Live

2.  Do Facebook Live Videos 3x Per Week

Facebook Live gets 3-5x more exposure than regular videos. This is where you are going into more depth on your subject matter. We have a Facebook Live guide in the resources section, but here are some top tips...

☑️ Be consistent with the regular time, so your audience starts to become familiar with when you are broadcasting. For example 7:00 PM on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday

☑️ Spend 10-15 minutes going into more depth on your subject matter.  You'll find that this time is quite easy to fill, in fact 1 of the biggest challenges is being concise and cramming as much value into that 10-15 minutes as you can

☑️ Engage with your audience and get as many comments as possible. This will get your videos more exposure.  Ask your viewers to comment things like "Free Training" and you will give them the details for your product or opportunity.  Ideally you should have a sales funnel which offers value through education before it promotes the product

3. Share Your Videos in Targeted Facebook Groups

There are typically thousands of groups in your industry/niche, so initially it will take some work to find groups that you can post your content in. Also many groups don't allow their members to post content

The main restrictions are usually against members posting affiliate links or links to their business - However, if your short videos are valuable (teaching stuff) and promoting your "Free training"… (Which is your Facebook Live), then many groups welcome this because it adds value to the group!

➤ Target groups with at least 1,000 members
➤ Make a list on a spreadsheet
➤ Use that spreadsheet to go through the groups and share your most recent video

In summary, you are sharing your valuable content to attract customers/business partners to your page, which you can then market to through future videos and Facebook lives!

4. (Optional) Every Other Day: Build Your Audience by Following 5x People & Friending 5x People

This is really optionalBecause you've been creating valuable content (Lives and Regular videos)...  And sharing your videos in targeted groups, You will see a TON of new friend requests coming in from people in your niche/industry who want to know more about you!

You may not even have to go looking for new friends. However...

You can also use the "Follow 5 & Friend 5 formula" to boost your numbers

Use the "Follow 5 " and "Friend 5 formula"- Understand that sending too many friend requests, hurts your visibility. The Facebook robots are smart and will penalise your visibility if you are sending too many friend requests

However, if you follow people then in many cases out of curiosity they are likely to send you a friend request.  Facebook now thinks that you are a valuable person because you're getting a lot of friend requests and gives you extra 'gold stars' on your visibility score

Your goal is to find FB  friends in your niche/industry with lots of followers and high engagement. Follow 10 and send friend requests to 5...  it's that simple!

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