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1st March, 2018:

98% of Home Business Owners Are Broke and Struggling...

Because they don't know how to use attraction marketing! -  These statistics are well proven and in my 10 years experience of coaching thousands of home business owners this is one of the top reasons why!

Welcome to the official Attraction Marketing Blueprint... To get more leads, prospects, customers, sales and business partners in almost every niche of online marketing

This attraction marketing formula is the foundation of my success in a very competitive marketplace. It's what propelled me from being broke and struggling to creating a $100,000 monthly income in less than a year

These attraction marketing principles and strategies are why so many 6, 7 and even 8 figure success stories have been created over and over again. I've personally coached, mentored and worked with no less than 50 people who views these strategies to create 7 figure incomes. 

This is what I've been teaching home business owners since 2008
Gregg Davison

Here's a Quick 30 Second Summary of Attraction Marketing...

Attraction: the action or power of evoking interest, pleasure, or liking for someone or something.

Marketing: the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

You’ve likely run across a lot more MARKETING online than you have ATTRACTION marketing.

In other words most people online are promoting and selling the heck out of their products. Which usually does the exact opposite of attracting. And as you’ll see it’s the wrong place to start when it comes to effective online marketing.

However when you make a simple shift, and begin to EVOKE interest, and give prospects a good reason to LIKE you FIRST, that’s when the magic happens!

The promoting and selling becomes extremely easy. Almost effortless in fact!

➤ You Create a BRAND around YOU! (not your opportunity or products)

➤ You ATTRACT Your BEST Prospects! You stop chasing... and people chase YOU instead!

➤ You build Know, Like, RESPECT and Trust with those prospects (required to get them to buy)

➤ You get the opportunity to earn multiple streams of income because of all of the above!

 The Essence of Attraction Marketing Can Be Broken down Into Four Simple Steps...

 1. Give value first through content

 2. Attract those people most interested in the value you’re giving (depending on your niche)
 3. Engage with those people and earn their trust through credibility
 4. Sell them your products, business or opportunity


I'm quoting "Magnetic Sponsoring" alot here. I had the biggest paradigm shift ever, when I first read this in 2008. It caused a quantum leap in my growth...

Become The Hunter, Instead of The Hunted

This is the essence of attraction marketing. Without understanding this, everything else will fail

We need to start with basic human psychology. The first thing that you must understand is that attraction is not a choice

It's a biological trigger that is hardwired into every species of animal since the dawn of time. This trigger evolved millions of years ago to help keep you alive and it's never really understood or noticed by people until they actually start to study it

Throughout history people thrive and live in social groups. They usually follow a leader until they gain enough experience and confidence to challenge for that leadership themselves or break away and start their own group

People cannot survive very well on their own, so we've formed tribes and families.

The Alpha Leader...

The leader (usually referred to as the alpha) is typically the strongest and most dominant person in the group, both physically and mentally. His/her primary responsibility is to protect the group. In return for the protection, the group follows the alpha leader

This phenomenon is still present today, but the power or value of a leader is more so perceived through different abilities such as business savvy, monetary worth and education… Instead of physical prowess

Essentially, we are hardwired to find other people attractive or unattractive based upon the level of value they have to offer. Think for a minute about the people that you respect and follow online or in the business world. You respect, follow and pay attention to people who bring value to you!

So if you want to become successful at network marketing, affiliate marketing or really anything in business, you must convey those very same qualities and eventually become a leader with high value to offer others

Alphas, Pre-alphas and Betas...

There are basically 3 categories of people in business: Alphas, Pre-alphas, and Betas. You can also think of these as established leaders, up-and-coming leaders and followers

Everyone must follow before they can lead, however leadership can be learned and leaders are definitely made (rather than born)

By the way, the term alpha comes from the Greek alphabet meaning 1st. It applies to females as well as meals. It is not gender specific. In fact females need to pay special attention in learning to become and convey the traits of an Alpha to become successful

Common Personality Traits and Characteristics of an Alpha:

★ Offers offer a tremendous amount of value to others

★ They are leaders who are naturally attractive because they radiate confidence

★ They always have positive energy and optimism

★ They truly love themselves

★ They respect themselves and their bodies, typically dress with style and live healthy lifestyles

★ They often have said principles and rules they follow personally and you must follow when you are around them

★ They are rarely concerned with outside criticism, however they don't tolerate disrespect

★ They have high integrity and strong personal values

Common Personality Traits and Characteristics of a Beta:

👎 They typically don't offer much value to others

👎 They are followers of leaders, hoping that some of the Alpha's magic will rub off on them

👎 They are often negative, doubtful and sceptical

👎 They have an entitlement mentality, thinking that the world owes them something

👎 They find it hard to motivate themselves and especially others

👎 They join a business opportunity and really take much action

👎 They are always full of excuses about why things don't work out for them

Which One Are You?...

Take a minute to think about what you've just read and ask yourself - are you beta, pre-alpha or alpha

(Hint: if you are not making money or selling a lot of stuff… And don't have many people following you, then you are not an alpha. It is a lot more than just a state of mind!)

So How Do YOU Become an Alpha?

1. You need to genuinely increase your value to the world by learning new skills
2. You need to consistently immerse yourself in personal development to ‘upgrade’ your thinking

the more valuable you become to others, The more alpha you will be, however you must equally work on your mindset as well as your skill se because you can become very competent In your skills, yet have limiting beliefs about your leadership abilities and that will kill your chances of success as much as anything. 

What are the limiting stories that are running through your head day in, day out? 

You must rewrite those stories and lose all of your excuses about why you are not having the success that you seek

Success in Online Marketing Comes down to These 2 Simple Things...

1. Becoming a leader to others by increasing your value
2. Expressing your value to the world through your marketing


Commit to At Least 30 Minutes of Personal Development Daily

My Mentor Jim Rohn had a very famous quote...

"Your Income Will Never Exceed Your Personal Development"

If you are already an entrepreneur, then it's likely that you've been introduced to the importance of personal development. If not then the single biggest lesson I can teach you is this…

You must work harder on yourself than you do on your business!

The outer game of success in marketing is improving your skill sets (Traffic, copywriting, social media, content marketing, email marketing etc)

However, none of those skills will matter unless you work daily on your inner game of personal development. This means improving your mindset, attitude, mental resilience, motivation and more

without personal development, you simply cannot become the alpha leader that others will follow

If you already have started your personal development library then great! - If not, then my #1 recommendation is this...

1: Study "Magnetic Sponsoring" by Mike Dillard

Especially if you are in affiliate marketing or network marketing, then study "Magnetic Sponsoring" by Mike Dillard. This is the Bible of attraction marketing. In my business, it's required reading for every single person that joins my team. 

I have Personally coached, mentored and worked with no less than 50 x 7-Figure earners (entrepreneurs who have made more than $1,000,000)

The majority of them love the book and have built their business, using these principles. When you fully grasp the key concepts in this book, everything will change for you

These attraction marketing concepts are some of the most high value lessons that you can teach others who want to build a business. Teaching these lessons positions you as a leader and holds you in extreme high value, in the eyes of your audience, prospects and potential team members or customers

2: Read it and Teach it...

You should read a book with the intention to...

1.  Learn it properly
2.  Apply the knowledge to your life
3.  Teach others the lessons that you have learned

Remember: Success requires that you first increase your value (knowledge or skills)... second that you express your value to your audience (teaching)

In the resources section, you will see my list of recommended reading!

 Next: Step 2 -  Brand Yourself Not Your Business...

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