Understand This Fundamental Law...

In network marketing (or any business that requires you building a team), nobody cares about...

❌ Your opportunity (not at first)

❌ Your products

❌ Your compensation plan

❌ How much commission they can earn from sales

❌ How great your system is

When it comes to personal branding, there is one key concept you must understand. People do not join a business, they join YOU.

To a certain degree, it’s not as important to them what your product or opportunity is. What is important to them is whether you can actually guide them to achieve the success they desire.

When Someone Visits Your Facebook Page, They Will Be Thinking Things like...

❍ “Who are you?”

❍ "Why should I even care about you?”

❍ “What value can you bring me?”

You Need to Be Able to Answer Those 3 Questions!

The more you can provide that value, and get yourself in front of them, the more your audience will become familiar and trusting of your brand.

There are literally millions of people out there doing what you’re doing. That’s why it’s critical to start branding YOU!

If you're surprised that we're focusing on YOU right now, instead of your prospect's “avatar”, then this might be where you've been going wrong all along.

It can be confusing. When it comes to sales and recruiting, we constantly hear how we need to put all of the focus on the prospect's wants, needs, and desires… and take ourselves out of the equation.

And that's true when it comes time to close a sale, or recruit someone into your business. However when it comes to attracting people to you on social media, things are a bit different.

YOU matter, and in a big way!

Knowing who YOU are and what you stand for determines WHO you're going to attract...

All these things  you extract from the list above about yourself… is YOUR BRAND!

Your brand isn't just about your business. It's not just about how many people you've recruited, sales you've made,views your videos get, or even how much money you've made. That stuff is only a piece of the equation. (Maybe the smallest piece believe it or not.)

Other things like your interests, the things that motivate you, whether or not you're a parent, what causes you stand for, your favorite sport and team… all give you more chances to connect and attract people to you.

Because the people you'll attract are people who are like you!

It's just like the real world. Who do you interact with people on a day to day basis? If you think about it you'll realise that it's the people who you share things in common with.

So unlike what you've probably heard a million times, you don't need to know your “avatar's” name and blood type on social media. 

You just need to know who YOU are, share that as much as possible, and your avatar will gravitate toward you because of shared interests. (Which delivers a huge bonus of getting to work with the people that you like!)


Step #1: Create A Success Journal And Do This "Self Evaluation" Exercise

I personally use Google Docs. I have literally hundreds of pages recording my personal development over the last 14 years since I started in the home business industry

In order for your marketing to be effective, you must be crystal clear about who you are. This "self evaluation" exercise may be quite a revelation for you

Spend At Least 60 Minutes Getting Clear on YOU! 

 1. What's your MiSSION and VISION? for your company and personal brand (What are your goals?)

 2. What MESSAGE do you want to deliver to your audience?

 3. Are you “Smooth and polished” like Robin Sharma or “Raw and Polarising” like Gary Vaynerchuck?

 4. What SKILLS do you have now? What can you teach your audience?

 5. What are some of your talents…things you're naturally good at?

 6. What excites you and what could you talk about endlessly without ever getting tired of it?

 7. What or Who motivates and Inspires you?

 8. Where do you turn to for entertainment? (Music, movies, books, etc.)

Step #2: Create a "My Story" Video & Share It with Your Audience:

You'll be learning a lot more about video marketing in Step 4 (Your Content marketing Strategy)... However, for now let's get your "brand building" off to a great start...

Tell Your Audience...

 1. Why did you start your business?

 2. If you could go back and change anything, what would that be and why?

 3. What were your biggest mistakes when you first got started?

 4. Go deep into the pains, frustrations and emotions that you went through

 5. What changed for you? What was the fork in the road? What big decisions did you make?

 6. What were the positive outcomes or successes?

 7. How did that change your life?

 8. What's your mission? What do you want for your target audience?

 Don't Worry If You Don't Have Huge Successes Yet,  Talk About Smaller Triumphs like...

😀 The skills that you've learned, like generating leads online or creating videos

😀 How much confidence you're gaining and how your mindset is improving

😀 That you've made your first few dollars or sales

Here's MyStory Video Script

(Pay attention to how I tell the story, not necessarily the facts of the story)

"I started my business because I didn’t like working for somebody else and I felt really trapped in the 9-to-5. I was tired of long hours, working weekends and holidays to try and climb the corporate ladder… And I wanted it to give me FREEDOM

If I could change anything I would go back and learn real marketing skills from the start

And all I had to do was invest in good marketing programs and find the right mentors

And that made it tough when I started my online business

Because all I wanted was the freedom to go to the beach in the middle of the day and spend time doing the things I love

And if you’re anything like me, then you know how heartbreaking it is when you try and try and try - And you keep on spending and nothing actually works. I spent years doing that

I spent one Christmas eve, ashamed and crying on my doorstep because I couldn’t afford presents… 

Maybe you’ve gone through times so you know how that feels?

So 2008, I was $70,000 in debt, had been made homeless and was living in my mom’s spare room. 

I finally got to a point where I knew I could keep following a broken business model and clueless mentors… Or I could make a change and learn real marketing skills combined with a lucrative business model

So that’s the direction I went and that’s when everything changed for me

❍ I was able to make $10,000 within 30 days
❍ I took my income to $40,000 a month within 6 months
❍ I moved beachfront to the Caribbean

These skills that I learned allowed me to bank $1,000,000 in commissions within just 22 months of being nearly bankrupt, living with my mom

Becoming financially free and living my dream lifestyle was life changing, but what was even better was teaching thousands of people how to develop themselves into Internet marketing leaders...

Seeing them go from struggling to flourishing and helping them change their lives forever - Is the greatest feeling in the world to be FREE and make a difference

And that’s what I want for everyone!

My mission is to teach entrepreneurs to become successful, highly skilled internet marketing leaders so they can have the FREEDOM that they want!"

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