Next, you need to get crystal clear on who your ideal audience is

One of the biggest mistakes that marketers make is trying to sell to everybody

You have to define what is called a custom avatar. An avatar is essentially a profile of your ideal customer

I Learned the Hard Way (don't do this!)...

When I first started out building my business, I tried to recruit anyone and everyone into my business because I was so hungry to build an organisation, I thought that the more people I signed up the better. Even if they weren't hungry go-getters just like me I figured that I was such a good leader that I could inspire everybody into action

I was dead wrong!

I started to hate my business. I was spending so much time dealing with negative, whining complainers. I was babysitting a bunch of adult children, begging and pleading them to keep their business memberships active when they wanted to cancel!

The business was supposed to create more time freedom in my life, yet I was working 70+ hour weeks and my business was sucking the life out of me!

It was my fault entirely. I had created a monster!… I didn't qualify anyone when I signed them up, I just pitched them that this business opportunity would magically create their dream lifestyle for them. I should have figured out that if they didn't have what it takes to become successful outside of business, then there was no hope of them becoming successful with a business!

Ducks and Eagles...

Then I started paying attention to the training I've learned from my mentor, Jim Rohn. He would always teach that you can't send ducks to Eagle School, and that good people are "found, not made” when it comes to building an organisation

Instead of having to change people's personalities to make them winners, I started using the attraction marketing formula to find people who were already "winners”

Here are some key indicators for the people that you're looking to build an audience with... 

In Network Marketing - These Are Typical Characteristic of Your Ideal "Tribe" Members...

☑️ A burning desire for success

☑️ Coachable and teachable. Enjoys learning

☑️ Enjoys taking on a challenge

☑️ Competitive, likes winning

☑️ Unconcerned about criticism from family and friends

☑️ Entrepreneurial spirit, typically has some business experience

☑️ Great attitude and positive mindset

Always start with the end in mind...

If you get this right from the start then your journey as an entrepreneur when it comes to building an organisation will be fun and enjoyable...

If you don't prequalify people and aimlessly sign up or sell to everybody and anybody because you are so hungry or desperate for sales and business partners (distributors, members, associates)...

Then I promise that your life will be a living hell. You'll find yourself bombarded DAILY with questions, complaints and people are always asking you "what do I do next?"...

Because they are too lazy to invest in their own education or follow the training system that your opportunity provides

In my business, in addition to the amazing training that my business opportunity system provides, myself and my business partner regularly do team training webinars.... 

Because We've Selectively Built Our Dream Team...

★  We have almost 100% live attendance on our trainings

★  Our members always have great questions, mostly about marketing and business strategy

★  Our members are "independent solution seekers" who find answers to their day-to-day questions using the Internet. 

(We never get hassled by Facebook/email messages about simple questions & tech stuff that they can easily find themselves)

OK, Let's Dive into Your Avatar...


One of the most important lessons you can take away from this blueprint is understanding what you're actually selling to your customers

And one of the biggest mistakes that I still see 90%  of marketers still making to this day is that they are trying to sell solutions and benefits of their product or opportunity, without having a f**king clue what their customers problems actually are

Read this statement twice and think about it carefully...

"Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill. They wanted a hole. therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes - NOT  information about drills!" - Perry Marshall

People don't buy your products (or business opportunity) because they want your products...

They purchase your products because they want the end results they will provide!

They purchase your products for one single reason:  To help them solve a problem

Big question...

How can you help them solve their problems if you don't know EXACTLY what those problems are?

This Is Why It's Absolutely Vital To Fully Understand Your Customer Avatar

Now that we know what kind of personality traits we are looking for, next we need to start understanding what a typical profile of our ideal customer or business partner looks like...

❍ What do they do for a living?

❍ where are they at in their lives?

❍ What problems are they facing that you can help them solve?

You will be going deeper into these questions in the action steps at the bottom, however it's important to understand this...

The more detailed you can be, the easier it will be to find these people and create targeted content that has your Avatar saying to his/herself...

“wow, this person understands my problems so well you would think that they are my psychiatrist!”

… And of course, they will be incredibly attentive to the solution that you are proposing

Here is An Example of My Avatar “Brian”

Brian is a thirty-five year old father of two children, struggling to find the balance between working full-time and building his part-time network marketing business, while also trying his best to be a good husband to his wife Sarah

He stressed out and exhausted because he works fifty hours a week. His wife Sarah works part-time, but even with their joint incomes they are struggling to cover the expensive lifestyle that they have build up. They each have a car Sarah needs hers to get to and from work while also running the kids to daycare and school

Even though they've got good jobs, they have over $100,000 in debt two clear (College loans, wedding and honeymoon, home improvements, cars, babies, credit cards)

This financial strain is a huge cause of stress and arguments between the two. John feels like he isn't "providing" enough for his family. He also feels guilty because Sarah wants to be home full time with the kids, yet she has to continue with her part-time job

Brian is committed to building his online network marketing business, but isn't making any money and is spending all of his spare time trying to build his business. He has little time to be a good father and husband

Brian often stays up at night searching online for better ways to build his business. He is currently involved in two different opportunities, trying to make money from both. He's not sure which system he should be promoting or how he should be doing it best

He's trying lots of different online marketing strategies and keeps falling into the trap of thinking that the newest, hottest strategy Will be the magic bullet that finally brings him success. He's not seeing any progress, he feels like a failure and is scared to invest in books and courses because he feels like he's piling on more debt

Deep down he really just wants guidance, direction an mentor (or leader) to show him what he should focus on every single day to make money with his business

Ultimately Brian's Biggest Desires Are These...

😀 for him to quit his job so he can be in control of his future

😀 make enough money short-term, so his wife Sarah can quit her part-time job

😀 have financial freedom and time freedom two go on family vacations

😀 clear their debt

😀 have a speedy car !

😀 play golf and enjoy his hobbies

😀 be a better husband and father spending time with his wife and family

Can you see that by following the attraction marketing blueprint and creating content that helps Brian... That YOU could be the mentor that will help him achieve his goals?

You Will Learn About the Perfect Content Marketing Strategy In the Next Section...

However, right now are there light-bulbs going off in your head?… 

There should be!


A huge difference between unsuccessful and successful marketers, is that unsuccessful marketers skip over creating their avatar, thinking "I'll get to that later, it's not so important right now"

Then they are off creating content or placing ads and their marketing message doesn't speak directly to their avatar's pains and problems

The result:  Their marketing doesn't work! (or it has very limited impact)

Successful marketers know how to create compelling content and write ads that convert, because they know their Avatar VERY well

The Following Questions Will Help You Identify Your Customer Avatar - Spend Some Time to Write This Out!...

1. What do they do for a living

2. What's their average age

3. Are they married

4. Do they have children… If so how many?

5. What challenges do they face?

6. What are their biggest fears and sources of pain?

7. what are they frustrated and/or angry about?

8. what are they biggest desires?

9. Are they currently involved or have been in a business opportunity?

10. What experience do they have with online marketing?

11. Why have they failed (or succeeded) in the past in business?

12. What books do they read?

Take a day or two and return to the list, write again… Having your target avatar laser focused will result in your marketing speaking directly to them and this will...

☑️  Significantly Lower Your Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Customer (or Business Partner)

☑️  2-10x The ROI from Your Marketing Spend and Time That You Invest

☑️  Make Your Business Fun and Enjoyable By Working with Great People (Instead of Tire-Kickers!)

Spend some time to brainstorm and make notes on some answers to these questions. Keep returning to this list over and over again. 

I cannot stress enough how much this will help you get inside the head of your avatar (or perfect customer/business partner)

Once You Know This, Then You Tailor All of Your Marketing Towards Your Avatar!

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